We move forward with them

Those who inspire us

At Antidots we believe that cooperation and collective intelligence can help us imagine and create better solutions.

Every day, we search, imagine and exchange ideas thanks to many people Who share them on the web.

We wanted to share with you these sources of inspiration...

We also wanted to highlight them and thank them very much.

Thank you to all the researchers, professionals, writers, consultants, clients, citizens, contributors, public and private actors, or collectives of all kinds who create a "true collective intelligence" and who allow us to better understand a constantly changing context.

Sometimes we share insights that come from institutions and sometimes from agencies or firms. We do not favor anyone, except for the ideas and research of those who inspire us. The sources of knowledge are infinite and only worthwhile if they are shared!

Economy and society

Studies and sharp analyses on society's trends. We also highly recommend their observatories on consumption, mobility or utopian perspectives. A mine of information to understand what is happening in the world today.

In addition to the work of Philippe Moati and his team, we also like the publications of sociologists such as Remy Oudghiri, Jean Viard or Jean Didier Urbain.

To do good to your ears, heart and brain we recommend all the podcasts and all the works of Gregory Pouy, cultural analyst, speaker and author.

Various and very inspiring subjects...

How can I not mention a classic that is constantly being renewed, that of the French section of the Harvard Business Review. Multi content, multi sectors, fine analysis in line with the trends of the society, from customers to management, through data or innovation.

News on markets, trades, and distribution always at the forefront.

Marketing and Consumer behaviour

An inspiring think tank with professionals delivering fascinating insights.
A special mention for Olivier Bertin, senior digital expert.

A classic if ever there was one... but still creative, fair and up-to-date.
A quality content to shake your brain.

Another site for inspiration and understanding of customer, innovation or communication trends: Influencia regularly produces posts, articles and complete studies. We also highly recommend Influencia's magazines, which offer in-depth and highly relevant analyses by theme. We are fans!

Customer-focused studies and interviews that offer useful insights into brands, customer relationships, behaviors and best practices. The Hub gathers a lot of content and reminds us of the importance of customer centricity in the development of any product or service. Basics to remember.

One of our favorite association ! More than 600 professionals and members of this association, which also puts the customer and employees at the center of its projects. Studies and also great conventions with great speakers.

Tourism and leisure

For us, it is one of the big reference site in the world of travel. A global panorama gathering trends and studies on tourism, hotels, airlines or business tourism. Powerfull and global insights!

Canadian agency whose blog is full of great studies and examples.
Always one step ahead...

Frenchy's cock-a-doodle-doo for this trend-spotting site. A network of experts specialized in technology, tourism, transportation and business travel that regularly produces exciting posts.

15 years already for this collaborative site composed of experts and recognized professionals. We recommend that you subscribe to their e-letter to receive a new post every morning.

This collective offers over a decade of content, analysis, sharing and examples from around the world. Something to read and imagine!

A big thought for the instigators of the blog which became big and for the pionneers of this site, Ludovic Dublanchet, Pierre Eloy, Jean Luc Boulin, Paul Fabing, François Perroy or Philippe Fabry, as well as to all those who came to join the adventure.

A consulting firm that celebrated its 30th anniversary and still shares its studies and thoughts around the hotel industry but not only. We let you discover.

We like this program to stimulate innovation in tourism. This platform is home to professionals who will undoubtedly be the stars of tomorrow. We also like their trend book. We would also like to greet Laurent Queige, their director.

Mobility and transportation

For us, Cerema is a reference and a platform of inexhaustible resources. We like their first MAAS (Mobility as a Service) observatory in France.