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360° SmartMobility is based on a major global innovation that allows our system to aggregate, combine and sale any kind of transportation (planes, trains, buses, boats, cabs, rides on-demand and car rentals) to deliver the smartest itinerary possible from your origin to your destination, including the last mile ! This is called "Door to Door" transportation.

It's convenient, fast and unique in the world!

In a single shopping cart, from a single account, ach user of our 360° SmartMobility solution can now book and then pay for his entire route.

360° SmartMobility, global innovation

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Our 360° SmartMobility solutions benefits a certified innovative technology* that transform the transportation searching and booking smart and easy. Accessible on all screens (smartphone, tablet, computer), the 360° SmartMobility solution makes it possible to continue your journey... from your journey! In just a few clicks, you can quickly purchase combined transportation tickets and be picked up from your departure point to your final destination.

SmartMobility allows you to continue your journey...
from your journey!

360° SmartMobility For whom?

For each actor wishing to promote mobility on its territory

For all territories or all professionals wishing to develop a practical and useful tool, to improve the mobility of citizens within its own territory but also to set connections beyond (inter-city mobility).

* European Innovation Certificate 2022 issued by the CRITT (Regional Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer)

A responsible transportation solution

A virtuous travel companion


Our MaaS (Mobility As A Service) solution makes virtuous initiatives available to the greatest number of people, offering them the possibility to travel in a more responsible way.

For each route, the calculation of CO2 emissions is indicated and the least carbon-intensive route option is proposed in priority.

We believe that this green mobility incentive can help stimulate a profound change in habits and behaviors, towards a greater consideration of environmental issues related to mobility.

Did you know that?

In a context where every gesture counts, ADEME proposes a rather playful, but above all informative site, allowing each individual to discover the carbon footprint linked to his digital uses.

If you are curious, you can find it on impactC02.

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