The turnkey trip

Help tourism destinations to grow through a seamless door-to-door experience

Today, there is no longer tourism without e-tourism. Tourism actors and all territories are improving their imagination and efforts to stand out from a more than ever competitive offer and to meet the hyper quality needs of visitors.

Choosing 360° SmartTravel means choosing to differentiate yourself and to strengthen the attachment of your customers to your brand.

It is also a suite of solutions that creates value through personalization and is an antidote to the commoditization of offerings and services.


Equipping your territory with the SmartTravel solution means providing travelers with the guarantee of a "Door to door" experience, without any concessions.

"Door to door" for the total handling of the transport from home to the host's door (last mile), "without any concession" for the freedom and the choice of the service providers, without extra cost and in all transparency.

Simplifying the life of travelers and tourism stakeholders


The 360° digital solution SmartTravel allows to gather on a single platform, easy to use for visitors as well as for professionals, all the services related to the organization of a stay: accommodation, transportation (plane, train, bus, boat, coach, cab, VTC, car reservation), activities, restaurants, visits, bike, paddle, guide, kayak rental... everything is on SmartTravel! From a computer, a smartphone, a tablet, it is now possible to book your entire trip with a single customer account and a single shopping cart!

And because you can't simplify the customer experience without simplifying the work of professionals, our solutions are easy for everyone to use and require little maintenance.

Transforming Tourism Professionals into OTAs

The ideal partner
for tourism destinations


And for tourism professionals, service providers and regions, nothing could be easier! The 360° SmartTravel solution can be customized at will, is very easy to use and offers a wide variety of possibilities to adapt to the needs of tour operators, seasonal constraints, etc. By compiling a complete offer from local players, it is a real strength for the region and for tourism professionals, an ideal friend that contributes to developing its tourist appeal by creating a virtuous circle.

Everyone can become its own online and local travel agency

360° SmartTravel For whom?

For each local actor concerned with strengthening its attractiveness

Whether you are a touristic area, an hotel owner, an activity provider, a campsite, a tourist office, a restaurant owner, a town, a department, a region... 360° SmartTravel transforms each actor concerned with reinforcing the attractiveness of its area into a true Local Tour Operator, by promising holidaymakers a simplified experience without any sacrifice.

A simple, fast and efficient platform

26 modules
covering most of customer needs

Tourism and mobility


Vacation rental


Gite and guest room



Cab, VTC

Car rental

Ground transportation

Soft mobility


MaaS LT system

Leisure and culture


Equipment rental company

Leisure structure

Museum and cultural activities

Point of sale

Point of Sale

Ticketing and control

360° vision and placement

Economy and local life




Artisan and service